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Maui Tips

The 10 Best Things to do on Vacation to Maui

a large body of water with a mountain in the background

The Hawaiian island of Maui is an attractive vacation destination for Americans and other global travelers alike. The island is packed with things to do, from visiting the impressive Maui Ocean Center, to hiring mopeds and spending an evening stargazing. Here are 10 of the best ways to enjoy your Maui vacation.

Planning the Perfect Date on Maui

maui date ideas

Dating can be stressful. So much can go wrong, what if you don’t dress well enough, or the activities you have planned don’t interest your date? In a picturesque setting like the Hawaiian island of Maui, you may think that a nice dinner on its own is enough to seal the deal. But we think…

Enjoying Scooters While Vacationing The Safe Way

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You’ve just begun your long-awaited vacation, and might be asking yourself, “what adventure shall we get into next?” It’s possible you’re also suffering from a bit of “analysis paralysis”, simply overwhelmed by the hundreds of brochures in your hotel lobby, boasting fantastic images of all the amazing things you could and should be doing on…